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500cc 4x4 JEEP UTV Half Door with Roof, CFMOTO Engine, Fully Automatic, 2 Seat Model
Retail Price: $15499.00
500cc 4x4 JEEP UTV Half Door with Roof, CFMOTO Engine, Fully Automatic, 2 Seat Model Avaliable Colors:

White Maple Camo
Brown Oak Camo

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Delivered in Crate - Requires Assembly
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1 Year Parts & Engine Included w/ Unit
2 Year Parts (1 Extra Year) (+$895.00)
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UPGRADED 500c JEEP UTV 2-Seater,

Incredible 1 Year Engine and Parts Warranty*
Included with ALL Vehicles!!

As a valued customer, you will receive a STANDARD 1 Year Engine and Manufacturer Parts Warranty* included from us on all of our ATVs, UTVs, Golf/Hunting Carts, Dirt Bikes, Scooters and accessories. You may extend your warranty on any item by purchasing a 2 Year (1 extra year) Extended Parts Warranty*. See additional warranty costs below.
Our basic warranty provides free parts for 1 FULL YEAR!

  • Features of the New Jeep Style 500cc 4x4 UTV:
    • NEW ROOF!
    • NEW TIRE TREADS for better traction and handling!
    • 2WD and 4WD Locking Differentials
    • Radio (FM only) and MP3 Player
    • Illuminated Dashboard: use switch to turn lights on and off.
    • Shorter Wheel Base
    • Unit comes with a vinyl roof cover that attaches with Velcro straps.
    • Extra Front Tire: Attached to rear of unit is an extra front spare tire.
    • Co-Length Double Swing Arm Independent Rear Suspension
    • Quad Rear Shocks: Each wheel has two shocks.
    • 4-Wheel Disc Brakes: for faster and safer stopping
    • Manual Choke: Located on the below the dashboard.
    • High and Low Gears for Forward Drive
    • Polished Alloy Steering Column
    • Adjustable Back Rest
    • Larger Radiator and Cooling Fan
    • For more information, please read specs below!

  • ALLNEW Radio and MP3 Player added to the 500cc Jeep UTV!
    • This high quality sound MP3 and Radio player allows you to control the volume from the dashboard while producing enough sound to be heard with the engine running.
      This player requires a USB Thumb Drive which allows you to take MP3s from your personal computer and play them in your UTV! All you have to do is plug in your Thumb Drive to a USB port in your computer, and then the thumb drive plugs in underneath the dashboard to the right side of the dashboard. Use and control information is included in the unitís manual.
    • The controls for this amazing addition are located next to all the switches on the dashboard.

  • Beware: Beware of other internet sellers that also sell insurance, hospital supplies, dancing salesmen, and heel gliders. Remember we are a powersports importer/distributor with technical support, and full parts support. Who will take care of you after you buy the unit? Many other internet sellers do not import and have no stock and no parts. We are the direct importer with over 400 dealers across the USA, we have technical service, and full part support, and the others do not.

  • Engine: 500cc single cylinder, 4-Stroke, Water Cooled, 4 valves, top camshaft. Single equal shaft. Be very careful. Compare this unit to the $10,000 Yamaha Rhino/ $10,000 John Deere Gator/ $10,000 Kawasaki Mule and the $10,000 Polaris Ranger. You will long remember this unit as the first real assault into the Japanese controlled Utility Vehicle/big ATV market.

    This engine is made by CFMOTO. You can check out more information on the engines the make by clicking on this link: This engine is one of the most reliable 500cc engines to ever be put into production. All Engine Parts are compatible with Hondaģ engines.
    * TRADEMARK is a trademark of Honda USA and not

  • Engine Specs for the Jeep 500cc 4x4 UTV:
    • Type: CF188
    • Cylinder diameter (mm): 87.5
    • Travel (mm): 82
    • Engine Displacement: 493
    • Compression: 10.2: 1
    • Max power (kw/r/min): 24/6500
    • Max torque (N-m/r/min): 38.8/5500
    • Start type: Electronic Start
    • Ignition type: non-touch CDI DC start

  • Savings: We had an Oklahoma Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki dealer that came by and practically cried in my showroom. He told me that with all the options that are included on this unit, his dealer cost on one of the brand names would be $10,000 and of course with his profit he would sell it for $12,000 + $960 sales tax (8%) $12,960. I asked him why he didnít sell our BMX Jeep UTV. He said if I sell yours, he wouldn't be able to sell his $12,960 units and that he had too much money tied up in inventory to have that problem. Remember no sales tax if you are not in Texas or Washington State. This alone is a huge savings compared to buying from your local dealer.

  • Transmission: Automatic CVT (continuously variable transmission) with Shaft Drive, This automatic transmission means no manual shifting and no clutch. Just start it with the key in neutral, shift it into Forward High or Low gear and step on the gas pedal and go. The shift for Reverse/Neutral/Low/High is between the two seats. There is also a lever for the emergency brake which can be used to keep the Jeep UTV parked while not using the unit. The unit is very smooth on takeoff like your car.

  • 4 Wheel Drive: with 2WD and 4WD Locking Differentials. There is a 4WD indicator light on the dashboard as well as a switch for the 4WD above the dashboard (see dashboard layout picture above). This Jeep UTV is the only reliable 500cc or bigger utility vehicle from China now. The factory has been making these for 2.5 years and the quality is nearly faultless. The manufacturer of this unit in China has been making cars for years, so most of the technology used to make this unit was from the car industry and not from the small ATV industry.

  • Maximum Speed: 46-50 mph depending on the terrain (actual factory spec)
  • Power: 32.6 HP (actual factory spec)
  • Turning Radius: 145 inches (12 foot)
  • Starter: Keyed electric start and recoil starter
  • Battery: 12 Volt

  • Fuses and Control box: are located under the passenger side dashboard for easy access to change and replace fuses.
  • Steering: Rack and Pinion steering for effortless steering.

  • Front Hood: This Jeep UTV comes with an easily opened hood allowing access to the guts of the unit. The latch for opening the hood is located to the driverís side, to the left of the brake pedal.

  • Suspension: Independent Suspension
    • Front: Swing arm type Independent Suspension
    • Rear: Co-length Double Swing Arm Independent Suspension, two shock absorbers on each side of the rear wheels.

  • Brakes: 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Stopping at any speed will not be a problem.

  • Tires: Polished Alloy Rims
    • Front: 25"x 8"x12" (Outside Diameter x Width x Inside Diameter)
    • Rear: 25"x 10"x12" (Outside Diameter x Width x Inside Diameter)

  • Fuel: Regular Unleaded Gasoline

  • 11 Gauge Steel Frame: All QualityATV units use tubular frames with a powder-coated finish. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, all of ours use 11 gauge steel frames while others use 14, 16 or even 18 gauge steel frames (smaller is thicker). The roll bars are very thick at 1.75 inch diameter.

  • Floorboard and Kickboard: The floorboard has a metal base with a strong plastic cover to keep the metal from rusting. Extremely durable.

  • Fuel Capacity: 5.8 Gallons (actual factory spec). Steel gas tank, not plastic. Many of the brands named UTVs use plastic to save cost.
    The gas cap is located under the driverís seat.

  • Lubrication: The unit comes already filled with engine oil.

  • Ground Clearance: Measurements listed below from several points on the unit
    • Under Front Bumper = 12.5"
    • Underside between Front Wheels = 11"
    • Under Rear End and Rear Support = 11"
    • Under Rear Hitch = 12"

  • Rear Storage Bed: Dimensions listed below.
    • 10" deep from the bottom to the top edge of the storage area
    • From each side (tire to tire) of the storage bed is 49"
    • Because the driverís seat is tilted, the distance from the top of the seat to the rear of the unit is 16" and the distance from the base of the seat to the rear of the unit is 20".

  • Dimensions: 108.5" x 52" x 75" (length x width x height). The length is from the front bumper to the back of the rear tire which extents out past the body. The width is the widest measurement from outside of wheel well to outside of wheel well.

  • Box Dimensions: 91.5" x 58" x 44" (Box Length x Box Width x Box Height)

  • Seats: Man-made Extreme Comfort Seats: durable and weatherproof

  • Seats Size: each bucket seat is 19" wide.
    • Distance from top of seat to top of headrest is 33".
    • Ground to top of seat is 33.5".
    • Floorboard to top of seat is 18".
    • The distance from the top of the seat to the roll bars is 40" which allows pretty much anyone to fit in the unit.
    • Distance to gas and brake pedals: It is 24.5" from back of seat to brake pedal. It is 27" from back of the seat to the gas pedal. If you have any concern about reaching the pedals, sit up against the wall and measure from the wall to your toes, this will simulate your sitting in the Jeep UTV's seat and trying to touch the pedals.
    • Foot room: The minimum distance between the vertical walls beneath the seat to the wall behind the gas pedals is 22 inches for your left foot. This means that someone with a size 12 shoe (13 inches long) still has 9 inches in front of his shoe. There is much more room than this for your right foot.
    • Body room: The distance from the steering wheel to the back of the seat is 20.5 inches. To get a feel for this distance, if you sit in your car and adjust the seat to a distance of 20.5 inches to the steering wheel and then get in it, this will simulate the amount of room inside this UTV. It is also 26.5 inches from the bottom on the steering wheel to the floorboard.

  • Wheel Base: 68" (distance from front to back axle) New shorter wheel base!

  • Wheel Span: front=44.2", rear=42.4" (front wheel span is the distance between the two front tires)

  • Unit Weight: 1331 pounds, Weight in Packaging=1439 pounds.

  • Features:

  • Built in Tow Ball: for pulling heavy loads. Towing capacity is 660 pounds. Located on the rear on the unit, the tow ball is easy to remove to fit any of your own tow balls for such accessories as plows, lawn mowers and trailers. The Tow Ball that comes with the 500cc UTV is 1 ĺ inches.

  • Extra Front Tire: Attached to the rear of the unit is an extra front spare tire.

  • Front and Rear Steel Bumpers: To protect the vehicle from brush and branches.

  • Dashboard Ė 2-Speed Windshield Wipers, High and Low Headlights, Dashboard Lighting Switch, Hazards, Blinkers, 4 Roll bar Lights, 2WD / 4WD switch Speedometer, Odometer, & Engine Temperature and Fuel gauge. Do the $10,000 name brands have this? No.

  • Horn is located in the center of the steering wheel (disregard horn buttons on handle bars).

  • Lights: Headlights. High beam/ Low beam headlight switch.

  • 4 Roll Bar Lights: 4 GHCDC Lights are mounted on the roll bar above the windshield and are controlled by a switch on the dashboard.

  • Front Glass Windshield - you can only see the glass windshield in a few of the pictures. When we erased the distracting background, it often meant deleting the front windshield from the photos. Anyway, some name brand UTVs have a plastic windshield that fades to a yellowish color with time. The plastic ones scratch easily and look nasty. Other cheap UTVs have no windshield. The windshield helps protect the riders from flying insects and rain. The windshield can be removed if you should want to along with the roll bars and windshield frame to make a convertible style.

  • Front Windshield Wipers - two speed control. Yes this unit has an electric windshield wiper, customers cannot believe it.

  • Power Winch - 2000 pound. This Winch can be used to pull another utv out of the mud (usually less than 1000 pounds) or it can be used to pull this utv out of the mud. Cable length is 46 feet. Also the engine on this UTV is mounted towards the mid-back which puts more weight over the back wheels for better traction. On this particular model we have put an extra-large hook to make the tougher jobs a little easier.

  • 4 Wheel Drive - remember, the power winch can pull you out should you get stuck.

  • Includes: Tool Kit (includes lug wrench) and large Owner's Manual

  • Extra Storage Space located under the passenger seat.

  • Electric Fuel Pump - Vacuum fuel pumps have proven unreliable.

  • Adjustable Rear View Mirror Ė hand adjust to fit your height

  • Cigarette Lighter Ė Use to power your cell phone, radio or personal mp3 player.

  • Coolant and Brake Fluid refill pipes mounted under the hood with an easy-to-open cover located on the driverís side of the hood.

  • One cup holders located between the seats.

  • Front Brush Guard Ė Protects the front of the unit from brush, rocks and debris.

  • Emergency brake - lever located between the seats.

  • Locking gas cap - attention to detail

  • Emergency and signal lights on front and rear. Rear tail and brake lights. Yes, hazard lights, high and low beam headlights, turning signals, yes it has all the things to make it road worthy but at this time I believe that Arizona is the only state that allows them on the road.

  • Larger capacity radiator and larger cooling fan- avoids potential overheating problem.

  • Shoulder harness seat belts. Some brand names do not have this.

  • Rear end built very strong because this manufacturer is used to making cars.

  • Both seats flip forward to allow for access to the battery, gas cap for refilling the tank and extra storage space.

  • Horn- located in the center of the steering wheel.

  • Assembly: Usually takes about 3 to 4 hours. Some of the parts that need to be attached to the main unit (consisting of the main chassis and engine) is the trunk, cab frame, cab roof, wheels, mirrors, steering wheel, head rest frame, bumper, trunk, and battery. There is a very detailed step by step assembly instructions consisting of about 70 pictures of both parts and the assembly of those parts.

  • Maintenance: Look in local yellow pages for car repair, lawn mower repair or small engine repair. These vehicles are similar to other Gasoline engines and can easily be repaired by these people. All they need to do is to call us up and we can furnish the parts needed.